Community involvement

Ensure the community and stakeholders are involved and engaged in MyHealth, through training and informative sessions, and the development of the ICT platform.

One of the aims of MyHealth project is to ensure that immigrants are involved as well as consulted in the development and delivery of health services. Community Participation in health is a key tool that promotes the health and well-being of members in the community by providing wider ownership of health services, increasing engagement and embracing the skills that migrants bring to the health sector. This work package proposes a community participation strategy that can be adapted by all the project partners (as well as other agencies/organisations in the European Union) who are keen to ensure the engagement of communities in health services.

Community participation strategy material:   We developed a strategy which outlines key steps involved in effective Community Participation. The document proposes a community participation strategy that can be adapted by all the project partners for the current project, as well as other agencies/organizations in the European Union who are keen to ensure the engagement of communities in health services.   It outlines how partners will develop and implement Community Participation across all work packages to ensure the training and involvement of all the key actors in the Health system value chain, from users to management. We have also started delivering some activities and information sessions aimed at increasing community participation. 

D8.1 Model of Community Participation

Community Participation Training: We developed training sets for actors interested in learning about participation and embedding it into their work. You can download the training resource pack from the link below (Comm-Part-Training-Overview, all documents below in one pdf).

1. Community Participation Training Overview

2. Community Participation Online

3. Community Participation Training PowerPoint

4. Training Resource Pack

5. Cards full set

Further Resources on Community Participation: Below are some additional resources and examples for delivering collaborative workshops and evaluating your community participation activities. These tools used in MyHealth can be adapted to other settings.

1. Checklist for Community Participation Example – Brno

2. Meaningful Community Participation Checklist

3. Worksheet for Health Apps workshop for Speakers of Other Languages

Best Practice Examples from MyHealth: Below you can download the resource packs from two community participation activities of MyHealth. The first is a Peer to Peer Training Programme for Unaccompanied Minors. The second is a training set developed by a service-user steering group.

1. Peer to Peer Support Programme – Unaccompanied Minors in Athens

2. Co-Produced Training on Barriers (all documents below in one pdf)

2.1. Training Overview

2.2. Learning plan – MRC.Barriers

2.3. MRC barriers training

2.4. Barriers- Sculpt Exercise -Fac guide barriers (Saeed)

2.5. Case Study Mahmod

3. . Memorandum of Understanding Example – Setting Up a Service-user Steering Group on Health & Well-being

D8 2 _Final health-educative suitcase for the informative sessions

D8.3_Guide for recommendation of ICT solutions