Tools development

Development of sound tools to become part of the MyHealth model.

Tool development was the central part of WP6. The aim of this WP was to develop or identify existing tools to improve the health care access of vulnerable immigrants and newly arrived refugees. This WP allowed identifying concerns and needs, regarding health, as perceived by the target groups, and the best screening and community health strategy for mental health disorders and infectious diseases in primary health care. We introduced the referent figures in Health and migration at community levels, linked to primary care and hospital, so to work in networks.

Find here 2 videos. One, explaining what the repository toolbox is, and the other the metaplan results.


 My Health Project – Repository Toolbox

MyHealth Project – Metaplan Results

D6.1 Report on defined models and consequent tools.

Report on defined modelsD6.2 Repository Toolbox Report

Repository tool box