Needs assessment

Actions undertaken to identify and define more concretely the real needs in terms of health, provided both by the VRM themselves and the Health professionals.

In WP5 a pilot survey to collect information on physical and mental health status was carried out giving qualitative insight on the current health status of migrants and refugees, together with quantitative indications from literature. It aimed to assess the needs and raise awareness of difficulties that migrants face in terms of access and utilization of healthcare services and which are directly linked between the social determinants of health and the barriers to the traditional health system.

Report on needs analysis: The current assessment aimed at providing key aspects of the needs of migrants and refugees in term of health, together with the evaluation of the needs of healthcare professionals. Focus groups, individual interviews and online questionnaires were completed. The report is document compiled with inputs from  four “clinical sites”: Athens, Barcelona, Berlin and Brno.

D5.1 Methodological approach for needs assessment_compressed

D5.2 Needs and Capacity Assessment 

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a short video with the  main findings of the needs and assessment capacity report.


Needs and assessment capacity report


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