Actions undertaken to give a better view of the current Health systems and their strategies for VRM.

Needs is devoted to Mapping the existing initiatives on Health for WUM-MREM, and the main actors involved in migrants and refugees’ health in order to come up with an interactive map (and database) with key referents sites (refugee camps, NGOs offices etc) to provide support to migrants and refugees limited to the network and opened for inputs from other countries. The maintenance for the interactive map will be ensured for at least 4 years after the project. Within this WP, we do not intend to duplicate existing initiatives, but make the information available on an interactive format.


Report about data collection methodology for interactive map: This report presents the activity around developing a complete interactive map of the main health issues, actors/stakeholders, reference sites dealing with vulnerable migrants and refugees, legal/organisational aspects of health systems and available Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools. 

D4.1 Data Collection Tool and Protocol

D4 2 Interactive Map

‘This report includes information on the mapping exercise which represent the first step in any social network analysis, and may well lay the foundation for subsequent, in-depth explorations of the network. Aim, targets, methods and preliminary results of the mapping process are presented.

Attention is focused on those actions that are directly related to health, but also on those that modify the social determinants of health, particularly on women and unaccompanied minors.  In order to maintain the mapping platform up-to-date and ensure the accuracy of the available information, a special update strategy is incorporated’

Stakeholders and mapping resources

Find below a list of files containing the mapping resources and stakeholders for each country that collaborates with MyHealth (Uk, Spain, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic and others).

Austria (download)

Bulgaria (download

Cyprus (download)

Czech Republic (download)

France (download)

Germany (download)

Greece (download)

Ireland (download)

Italy (download)

Spain (download)

UK (download

Others (download)

Find also a list of projects, Apps and Etools.