University of Greenwich (UoG)

University of Greenwich (UoG)

The University of Greenwich is a major British University which combines various teaching traditions that are complemented with regional links, international links, lifelong learning, and excellence in both teaching and research. It has a particular tradition of teaching mature and part time students, many coming from developing countries. The Faculty of Health and Education, implement teaching, research and consultancy in all themes related to public health issues.

The Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling combines high-quality teaching with world-class research and a vibrant student experience.

We deliver undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in psychology, social work, counselling and public health and well-being. We also offer postgraduate options at Master’s level as well as PhD programmes in Health and Social Care and Psychology. In terms of research the Departament covers a range to health topics—from health inequalities to specialise topics such as pain research—from a multidisciplinary perspective. It has been a tradition of the Department to collaborate with our European counterparts either teaching or researching.
UoG will create reports and materials in need of dissemination.  They will also aid in the generation of dissemination lists for WP3.

Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon

Researcher in UoG. Social sciences background -medical anthropology and health communication