Syn Eirmos NGO of Social Solidarity Astiki Etairia (SYN-EIRMOS)

Syn Eirmos NGO of Social Solidarity (SYN-EIRMOS)

Syn-eirmos NGO of Social Solidarity was founded in 2005 and is active in the fields of social solidarity, social economy, welfare and wellbeing of adults and children.  In particular, the organization aims to support the activities of local communities, local governments, cooperation initiatives, collective social actors and volunteers.  Syn-eirmos encourages the social integration/reintegration as well as the improvement of the quality of life of population groups that are subject to/threatened by social exclusion (unemployed, people with disabilities, mentally ill persons, drug addicted people, migrants- refugees-asylum seekers, Roma, women threatened by exclusion because of their sex) as well as the combat against stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination experienced by people belonging in these social categories or groups.  They work to achieve sustainable development of areas threatened by spatial exclusion and marginalization (mountainous areas, disadvantaged rural areas, degraded urban areas, areas with sensitive eco-systems).  Syn-eirmos promotes health generally and mental health in particular as well as the social care.  Syn-eirmos establishes and operates  psychosocial rehabilitation units and other community mental health/social care units. 

They promote culture as a factor that permits to transcend spatial and social discrimination and scientific research and education in the field of social solidarity and economy.  Syn-eirmos establishes terms and conditions for the emergence of social solidarity and social economy as key levers aiming at the removal of social and spatial inequalities and discrimination. They provide of all kinds of assistance (humanitarian, developmental, etc.) and restore of cooperation with developing countries, with the ultimate goal of contributing to economic and social development of these countries, and the provision of services of scientific and technical support and assistance in activities of international solidarity.

The Day Centre “Babel” is a public mental health unit supervised and financed by the Greek Ministry of Health which aims to provide mental health services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers residing in Athens. It is situated in the centre of Athens and is the unique mental health unit that meets the needs of this population. “Babel” started operating in November 2007. Until now (April 2016) has served more than 3000 people and has gained valuable experience in the care of people with psychosocial problems or mental disorders who come from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. To achieve its objectives “Babel” has set up an inter-disciplinary team, composed of 11 professionals: psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, nurse, health visitor.

Nikos Gionakis

MSc Psychologist, Scientific Associate of Babel Day Centre

Chrysa Fragkouli

Polical Scientist

Maria Ntetsika

MSc Social Scientist

Nefeli Roumelioti

MSc Psychologist

Samia Samara

Dr Social Geographer