European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH)

European Institute of Women’s Health (EIWH)

The EIWH advocates for an equitable and gender-sensitive approach in health policy, research, treatment and care.  The EIWH aims to reduce inequalities in health, in particular due to sex/gender, age and socio-economic status.  The EIWH highlights that sex/gender is an important determinant of health and our understanding how vulnerability to, onset and progression of specific diseases vary in men and women must be improved.

The EIWH works in various EU funded projects helping to increase awareness of women’s health issues and to promote synergies with other EU programmes active in the field of health.  The EIWH awareness and advocacy activities include events, such as expert conferences and roundtables at the European Parliament, and publications, including policy briefings, on health topics to promote health and wellbeing across the lifespan and reduce health inequities.

The Institute has led communication and dissemination activities for various European projects that promote gender equity in health, including but not limited to the European Commission DG SANTE co-funded project, an Inventory of Good Practices for Promoting Gender Equity in Health (ENGENDER) and the European Gender Medicines Project (EUGenMed).  The Institute is an expert on effectively communicating and disseminating evidence-based information in order to affect true change in policy, programming and practice.

The EIWH is the WP3 leader.  The EIWH is responsible for the creation of the communication and dissemination deliverables.  The EIWH will generate the communication and dissemination plan, brochure, newsletters, project PPT and other materials with support of all partners in the project.   The EIWH will guide and oversee the communication and dissemination activities, including ensuring regular tracking.

Peggy Maguire

General Director of the EIWH. President and current board member of the European Public Health Alliance. Political scientist

Kristin Semancik

Public Health Manager