Consonant is a national charity in the UK supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. It was established in 1984. It supports approximately 4,000 individuals per annum through a wide range of services which include: legal advice, health access/inclusion information and advice, employment and training advice, English language courses, informal education courses, IT courses, health and well-being courses, empowerment & media/policy work. Its aims are to enable migrants to contribute fully to society in the UK by giving them information and advice and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge of UK society. Its users are from Asia, Africa, Indian sub continent, South America and Europe.

The Consonant Health Inclusion project, designed to improve access to health services and improved health and well-being specifically assists migrants, refugees and asylum seekers,  also advocates on behalf migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It runs health and well-being workshops and other information sessions on public health issues such as diabetes, smoking and infectious diseases.

It works closely with Black & Minority Ethnic Health Forum and with local Doctor surgeries and clinics. The project activities focus and a group key outcomes:

  • Access (including individual support with GP registration)
  • Patient participation (patient liaison between migrants, refugees asylum seekers, and the national health service).
  • Awareness raising, health information and signposting
  • ESOL for health
  • Wellbeing activities

Services are delivered at Consonant offices and at outreach venues such as community centres across London. Additionally, the project actively engages with local health service providers. For example, attending in patient participation group meetings and in mental health forums.

Amanuel Woldensus

Sheena Vella

Integration and Community Development Co-Ordinator