Asserta Global Healthcare Solutions

Asserta Global Healthcare Solutions

Asserta brings together a team of professionals with years of experience in clinical practice, health management, teaching and research, who are putting their knowledge and expertise at the service of improving processes and results in the healthcare area.  The team also include experts in planning and strategic management, quality management and information and communication technologies. In the past year, they have been involved in several social innovation initiatives at EU level, in particular related to migrants rights. In all technologies are central to their work, and they will bring the knowledge in this field to the consortium. They will be very active also in the definition of the needs, through a sound questionnaire and the analysis of the data obtained, both from migrants themselves, and healthcare personnel.

Anaïs Le Corvec

International research manager at ASSERTA. Specialized in health, Information and Communication Technologies, International Cooperation, and Innovation

Elena Tomas

Hospital Pharmacy Specialist in ASSERTA.

Josep Monterde

Doctor in Pharmacy and specialist in Hospital Pharmacy.