The Balloon Game

Description: The Balloon Game is a short interactive game developed in 2006 by UK charity Student Action for Refugees for UNHCR. Players are asked to take place in a square of three by three meters.A game leader or other participants throw balloons in the square, each marked with different challenges refugees and asylum-seekers are confronted with, such as Language, Accomodation, Education, Freedom and Food. The goal is to keep the different “challenge balloons” from hitting the ground. Participants cannot catch the balloons with their arms, so they should use their bodies. The game is timed. After playing, the score is being announced, and the game leader gives participants a debriefing.

Author (year of edition): Student Action for Refgees (for UNHCR), 2006

Address for: general public, minors and young adults

Languages: English

Cost information: free

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Keywords: game, mobile, refugees, migrants, psychological, education