Female genital mutilation, Catalonia

Description:  This protocol is presented for the first time in the year 2002 through the Secretary of Immigration of the GC. Currently, genital mutilation is a crime defined in the criminal code, although it is carried out outside of Spanish territory.

Author (year of edition): Generalitat de Catalunya  (Departament d’Acció Social I Ciutadania, Secrataria per a la Inmigració), 2007

Languages: Catalan

Address for: Professionals.

Cost information:  free.

Access site:  https://treballiaferssocials.gencat.cat/web/.content/03ambits_tematics/05immigracio_refugi/08recursosprofessionals/02prevenciomutilaciofemenina/Protocol_mutilacio_catala.pdf

We invite you to give your opinion, please find attached the survey: Female genital mutilation protocol Survey

Key words: gynecology