Espictools actua program: a model of community intervention

Description: A model of community intervention based on the evidence of “Espictools-Actua” is developed in 4 areas of action. Each area comprises different educational tools (Espictools) and strategies (action):

  1. “Diverxualitat”, to improve the access to Sexual and Affective Health,
  2. “XarChagas” with the aim of guaranteeing accessibility to comprehensive care for Chagas disease,
  3. “Tbactiva’t” with the aim of strengthening networking for active surveillance against tuberculosis, and
  4. “Around me” seeks, through collective reflection, to put on the table all the aspects related to the determinants of health.

Author: Coomunity Health team (eSPicTools), Drassanes- Hospital Vall d’Hebron, PROSICS, 2017

Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Address to:Professionals, Peer educators, Community

Cost: See the website

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Keywords: sexuality, health, tuberculosis, awareness, education, health educacion, health knowledge, reflection