Cultural competence in working with people from refugee backgrounds. A one-day workshop


This one day workshop will give participants a greater awareness of the key components to cultural competency when working with refugee survivors of torture and trauma.

  • Aims of the training
    • To introduce you to a model of cultural competence and its relevance to working effectively with people from refugee background who have experienced trauma
    • To give you knowledge and strategies on how to engage with people from refugee and refugee-like backgrounds, and asylum seekers in a culturally competent manner 
  • What will be covered in the training today? 
    • The topics that will be covered today are: 1. Context: Cultural Competence and Refugees 2. Awareness: Culture and Identity 3. Knowledge: Refugee Trauma, Resettlement and Cultural Transition 4. Attitudes and Skills: Important Worker Attributes and Culturally Competent Communication 

This training is for one day only and therefore can only cover the key concepts of cultural competency. We recognise that people come to this workshop with a wide range of knowledge and experiences, and we endeavour to make sure that it has something for everyone.

Author (year of edition): STARTTS, 2018

Address for: health professionals, social workers and general public

Languages:  English.

Cost information: free

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Keywords: refugee, health, training, migrants, health, professionals, social, workers, general, public, cultural