A Social Worker’s Tool Kit for Working With Immigrant Families


This toolkit, originally published in September 2010 and updated in February 2015, serves as a resource for social workers in the US who are working with immigrant families within the child welfare system. The toolkit provides an overview of child welfare practice with immigrant families in the US, guidelines for integrating child welfare practice with trauma-informed care, and suggestions for building child welfare agency capacity in order to best work with immigrant families.

Author (year of first edition): The Center on Immigration and Child Welfare (CICW)

Address for: health professionals  and social workers

Languages: English.

Cost information: free

For more information: https://bettercarenetwork.org/library/the-continuum-of-care/foster-care/a-social-worker%E2%80%99s-tool-kit-for-working-with-immigrant-families-healing-the-damage-trauma-and 

Keywords: child, welfare, guidelines, refugee, migrants, toolkit, workers