Directory of multilingual medical practices in Berlin (Download it)

Description: Overcome language barriers! Foreign language skills in Berlin‘s medical practices.
You can look up information in this booklet according to medical speciality represented by pictograms or according to the
district in Berlin. The colour-coding indicates which languages are spoken in the different medical practices.
112 pages | approx. 1400 medical practices | 48 languages | 12 districts


Author (year of edition): 2020 Psychiatric University Clinic of the Charité at St Hedwig Hospital (PUK Charité in SHK).
Prof. Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak and Migrantas e.V.
• Prof. Dr. Meryam Schouler-Ocak (Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik der Charité im St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus)
• Migrantas e. V.
In collaboration with:
• Dr. James Kenneth Moran (Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik der Charité im St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus)
• Unterarbeitsgruppe „Migration und Interkulturelle Öffnung“ des Landesbeirates für psychische Gesundheit in Berlin
Concept and design: Migrantas e. V. Berlin 2020

Languages: English and German

Addressed to: Web addresses of institutions for migrants and refugees in English and German

Cost: Free

More information: Print edition available at:
Haus der Jugend Anne Frank
Mecklenburgische Str. 15
10713 Berlin
Unternehmerinnen-Centrum West (UCW)
Sigmaringer Straße 1
D-10713 Berlin

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Keywords: health, migration, doctors, mothertongue, neighbourhood, specialist, pictograms.