A primer on the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support of Syrian Refugees in Spain.

Description: The present primer is a compilation of theoretical and practical orientations that describe a series of contextualized recommendations in three axes over the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) of Syrian refugees in Spain. At first, we underline the importance of a comprehensive evaluation of mental health/psychosocial needs of the population groups affected directly and indirectly, before the elaboration of a mental health/psychosocial strategy that does not discriminate some refugees over others based on their country of origin. Secondly, the proposed mental health/psychosocial interventions, informed by the results of the needs assessment, are developed on a multi-level pyramidal system (IASC, 2007). A transversal component that informs the process of the needs’ assessment and the strategy planning as well as the implementation of MHPSS interventions is the incorporation of cultural competence, in order to ensure the efficacy of those programs implemented.

Author (year of edition):  Stella Evangelidou, Francisco Collazos, Adil Qureshi. 2016

Languages:  Spanish

Address to:   professionals

Cost:  free

PDF: Guia breve SMAPS regugiados, SE