SUMIGRE E-Learning Platform

Description: The Migrant-related Educators‘ Training has been prepared to provide sound material support and comprehensive training to educators working with migrants. On the completion of the 30-hour course, it is hoped that educators, who are working with migrants, will be empowered to manage diversity better in their work place by adapting their work to individual learning needs and by acquiring new skills and competences.

Author: SUMIGRE Partners: Kocaeli Kültürel Gelişim ve Dayanışma Derneği(KOGED), Kartepe Halk Eğitim Merkezi(HEM), Bulgarian Development Agency(BDA), International Organisation for Migration(IOM), Business Development Friesland(BDF), Schola Empirica(SE), Consonant (formerly Migrants Resource Centre), 2019

Address for: Professionals

Languages: English, Czech, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Hungarian

Cost information: free

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Keywords: Migrants, Human Rights, Intercultural awareness