Collection and integration of data on refugee and migrant health in the WHO European Region (2020)

Description: This technical guidance outlines current evidence, knowledge and best practice relating to the integration of migration health data into national health information systems. It highlights key principles, summarizes priority actions and challenges, maps existing international commitments and frameworks and provides practical policy considerations for promoting collection and integration of migration health data. Specific areas for intervention include establishing a multistakeholder working group for overseeing data collection and integration, creating a regulatory framework for preventing unauthorized access and use of health data for non-health purposes, integrating core variables into the data collection system and promoting data linkage. While the main intended audience of this technical guidance series is policy-makers across sectors at local, national and regional levels, the contents of this publication will also be of value for health- care practitioners, health planners and health information specialists and law enforcement officials.

Author (year of edition):  WHO, 2020

Languages:  English

Address to: Professionals

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